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This site is static, and can be deployed basically anywhere (but this can be a bit trickier if using the CMS). For these docs, we’ll walk through setting up on Netlify, because this is fairly straightforward, and free unless you suddenly get millions of site visitors. GitHub pages, Gitlab pages, or the Raspberry Pi in your cubpoard running a webserver would also work fine if you know how to set them up, you just need to serve the contents of the build directory after you have run npm run build.

Netlify initial setup

  • Sign up to Netlify and create a new team, then on the team overview page, click the “New site from Git” button.
  • Connect to your git provider - wherever your website repository is hosted (probably GitHub). Netlify will ask for some permissions, so it can see the repository and get the code.
  • Choose the repository where the website is, and accept all the site settings (these are set up in the netlify.toml file in the root of this repository).
  • Click “Deploy site”! YAY! This will think for a little while, then you should see a little preview of your site at the top of the page, which you can click on to go to the live site.

Add a domain name

Click “Domain settings” for your site, or go to “Site settings > Domain management”. If you own a domain name you want to use for this project, click the “Add custom domain” button and read Netlify’s docs about custom domains for how this works in your particular case.

If you want to use a free domain name (ending in .netlify.app), click the “options” button next to the auto-generated domain name, and choose a more descriptive URL.

Updating the site

Every time you want to change content outside of the CMS, you just need to git push (or make a pull request and merge) to the main branch and the site will rebuild and re-deploy itself within a couple of minutes.

Next steps

Maybe you want to go on to add your logo and other image assets, or change the fonts and colours or configure the CMS.

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