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Developer Tooling

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Git hooks

There’s two git hooks supplied, managed by Husky.

One confirms that you really did want to push code to the main branch, just in case you forgot, since anything pushed to this branch will automatically deploy.

The other runs linters and formatters (make your code look pretty and check for stupid mistakes) and builds the code every time you commit. This means you keep the code clean and working at all times, and don’t accidentally break the build without noticing.

VSCode tooling

This tooling assumes you use VSCode, a common and freely available text editor.

When you first git clone the project to your computer and open it in VSCode, there will be a popup offering to install recommended extensions. This will add the code formatters and syntax highlighting that will make touching any of the Svelte code easier. They are optional.


There’s a custom snippet defined for quickly inserting the required frontmatter into a new blog post. Invoke it by going to your new file, opening the Command Palette (ctrl/cmd-shift-p), starting to type “insert snippet” and selecting the one called fm. Fill in the various gaps in the template by pressing tab.

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